Cardon Webb
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Cardon Copy

Cardon Copy, takes the vernacular of self-distributed fliers and tear-offs we have all seen in our neighborhoods. It involves hijacking these unconsidered fliers and redesigning them, over powering their message with a new visual language. I then replace the original with the redesign in its authentic environment.


Cardon UnCovers

This is a home for the covers that never were. The rejected, neglected and almost forgotten. To pay little or no attention to the process and stepping stones that lead to an approved finished printed book cover would be a shame. So here they rest, in a dimmer light than their proofed and printed siblings. But a light nonetheless.


TDC Beautifully Banal

The Type Directors Club in conjunction with Cardon Copy asked 16 influential designers to find a classified/personal newspaper ad from their local community and then reinterpret them typographically. When redesigned, the once banal and disposable classified ads became stunning one-of-a-kind collectible posters. Following an exhibition each poster was auctioned off with proceeds to benefit the TDC Scholarship Fund.


Cardon Design

Cardon Design is the portfolio site I created while in my senior year at the School of Visual Arts. The work that populates the website is largely student work, coupled with intermittent freelance work I was doing at that time. Designed and built using html, this site is a nightmare to update or change. So it sits, roughly the same as the day it was published in the spring of 2009.


TDC Posters of Fortune

Posters of Fortune was a silent auction poster show I co-curated with Peter Mendelsund in conjunction with the Type Directors Club in 2011: 20 Fortune cookies, with 20 distinct fortunes, were sent to 20 internationally renowned designers. The designers in turn transmuted these personal divinations into richly imagined typographical posters. Displayed at the TDC for two months then auctioned off. Proceeds of the Posters of Fortune show were donated to the TDC Scholarship Fund, for students of typographic excellence.